We are

Jörg Tiedemann
Managing director, Diplom engineer for mechanical engineering


Born in: 1976

Education: Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, studying mechanical engineering, thermal engines and marine engineering

Language skills: English

Professional experience:
Since 2008 Managing partner of Tiede- & Niemann Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg
2004 – 2007 wandschneider + gutjahr ingenieurgesellschaft mbh, Hamburg
2001 – 2004 Intern at wandschneider + gutjahr ingenieurgesellschaft mbh, Hamburg

Main projects:

  • Planning and implementation of sewage-sludge recycling plant KENOW
  • Implementation of air-cooled condenser for turbine 2, AMK Iserlohn
  • Heat recovery for a greenhouse, ZAS Burgkirchen
  • Overall construction management, ZRE Hamburg
  • Construction of new reducing station 7, MVA Bielefeld
  • Construction of a new district heat exchanger 3 MVA Bielefeld
  • Planning and implementation of 2nd energy block, AVG Cologne
  • Planning and implementation of new steam turbine, MVA Hagen
  • Fire damage refurbishment, Recycling Centre, Osnabrück
  • Planning of solar field, Ratqa Süd, Kuwait
  • Thermal calculations, Pyral AG
  • Storage tank terminal for water injection, AVG Cologne
  • HP-steam heated gas preheater, MV Kiel
  • Study on the connection of condensate and steam to the incineration lines, AVA Velsen
  • Study on Heivo pre-heater ((??)), MKK Bremen
  • Study on the steam turbine, BSR
  • Optimization/replacement of ash discharger, MHKW Neustadt
  • Rating, tendering and contract awarding, MP-steam heated gas preheater, MVA Bielefeld
  • Detailed planning of water-steam cycle and solar field, Doem Bang Thailand
  • Supply contracts for turbine and water-steam cycle, Plymouth
  • Heat recovery for greenhouses, MVA Hamm
  • Preparation of concept for water-steam cycle and steam turbine, Plymouth
  • Rating and supervision of implementation planning for steam turbine and water-steam cycle, solar power plant Kanjanaburi
  • Development of concept for district heating, EEW Hannover
  • Planning of HP- and MP-steam heated gas preheaters, MHKW Darmstadt
  • Detailed planning for water-steam cycle and solar field, Kanjanaburi, Thailand
  • Damage assessment, replanning and tendering for steam-heated gas preheaters
  • Optimization of spray drier, MVA Bielefeld
  • Planning of HP-steam heated gas preheater, MV Kiel
  • Draft and implementation planning, gas scrubber, BHKW sewage plant, AZV Pinneberg
  • Rating and tendering for turbine and air-cooled condenser, AVEA Leverkusen
  • Planning for conversion to injection with feedwater, MVA Bielefeld
  • Preliminary examination for conversion of wastewater treatment, AVA Velsen
  • Tendering for conversion of demineralization plant, AVA Velsen
  • Preliminary examination for gas scrubber, BHKW sewage plant, AZV Pinneberg
  • Planning for demineralized water tank, AVA Velsen
  • Lot manager for water-steam cycle and turbine, MKK Bremen
  • Planning for turbine, air-cooled condenser, water-steam cycle, MVA Bielefeld
  • Refurbishment of re-cooling system, BKB Hanover