Core area: Crane systems

Are you worried about there being a tail-back of delivery vehicles because your crane does not handle enough?

Do you find it difficult to find motivated staff to do the night shifts?

Is your crane system about to turn 30?

Then it’s time to have a chat with us to discuss the possibilities of completely modernizing your crane systems. We always start with a baseline study to examine the logistics of the existing bunker, the wear and tear of the mechanical equipment to determine the residual service life and the state of the drive and control technology. Of course, we also take into consideration the extent of retrofits required for fully automated operation, from access control to the operating concept. To enhance the handling capacity, we prepare a coordinated concept that gives due consideration to the existing structural design, the identified bottlenecks and parameters for operation. Whether you need to replace just the crane rails or the entire crane system, we work together with you to find the solution most appropriate for you.

We have all the experience you need for both classic machine house cranes and simple bottom-ash cranes, from the conceptual development, across tendering and contract awarding, right up to execution. We are happy to help you with your project!